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What will happen when I arrive at the clinic?

When you sign in at the desk, we will:

  • ask for your photo ID
  • give you some paperwork to read and fill out

This information is important because it provides the doctor with a thorough medical history. In addition, this paperwork provides you with information that you will need to be fully informed, and includes some consents that give us permission to provide services to you.

A portion of your fee will be collected when you bring to the desk your completed paperwork.

Next step is the “work up”. Our staff will:

  • take your temperature and get your blood pressure
  • ask you a few additional questions
  • if ordered by your doctor, provide you with Ibuprofen
Ibuprofen works on swelling and inflammation. Several of our doctors prescribe it before the surgical procedure to prevent swelling afterward. This will make you more comfortable as you recover.

Next, we will do a sonogram to date the pregnancy for you. If you would like to see the sonogram, and/or have an explanation provided to you, or to know how many weeks pregnant you are, we are happy to provide you with as much information as you like. Sonogram dating of the pregnancy is much more accurate than estimating the gestation of the pregnancy based on LNMP (first day of your last normal menstrual cycle).

After the sonogram, you will meet with our Patient Advocate to:

  • answer your questions
  • review aftercare instructions
  • discuss your prescriptions and how to take them
  • sign final consents to treatment
  • discuss free birth control (if you would like it)
  • plan your 4 week follow-up appointment

Next the Nurse will use a very small IV to draw some blood to test your hemoglobin and your Rh factor. Later the doctor will use the same IV to administer the conscious sedation.

After the doctor speaks with you, he/she will inject the sedation, then numb your cervix (much the same way the dentist numbs your mouth). Once you are given the sedation, you will feel relaxed, some women report a drifty, dreamy feeling.

The doctor will dilate the cervix and aspirate the pregnancy while you are sedated.

When you are fully conscious again, you will be in our recovery area (usually 30-45 minutes) where we will monitor your vital signs until you are discharged to your driver.

Woman's Health Centers are committed to providing our patients with professional, non-judgmental, courteous attention. We have offices in Tampa, St. Petersburg and Clearwater. If you have questions about women's health issues and reproductive options, please call us at the offices below to speak confidentially with a member of our highly trained staff: