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RU486 Mifeprex

Many women prefer this option to a surgical abortion because they feel it is more natural, less invasive, and can be done in the privacy of their own homes. This option is available to women between 5 and 8 weeks gestation. This procedure requires several visits to the clinic for follow-up. RU486 is approximately 93% effective.

Our patients are given one dose of Mifrex orally in our clinic during their first visit. 24-48 hours later, at home, our patients insert 4 additional tablets either between their cheek and gums, or vaginally and allow the pills to dissolve. The Mifeprex stops the growth of the pregnancy and the Cytotec causes the cervix to open and expel the contents of the uterus.

Most women report that several hours after they insert the Cytotec, they begin to cramp and bleed. This cramping and bleeding can be fairly light, or may be moderately heavy. Each woman experiences it differently. You may soak 10-12 pads over several hours. Some women report passing clots and some tissue. For some women, the bleeding does not start until quite a few hours after insertion, or even the next day. Because the process can take some time, we suggest that our patients make arrangements for childcare, and take off work on the day of insertion.

Our patients return to the clinic in one or two weeks for a follow-up sonogram and/or blood tests to confirm that they have passed the pregnancy.

If this procedure fails to terminate the pregnancy, there will be an additional charge for those patients who need a surgical aspiration.

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